Lip Products by Sara Happ 

Sara Happ started producing a small but extremely well designed product line-up for the lips.  She first started with a lip scrub in 2005, when there was no such product available.  She has now designed a lip balm to complement the scrub.

Unique in its design, it is the best at smoothing and texturing the lip surface.  As a result, the application of lip gloss and lipstick is much smoother and even in application.  It is also an excellent product to smooth out lip surfaces damaged by the weather, and has been very well tolerated by patients on medical treatments that dry out the lips. 

Dr. Searles has been very impressed with the tolerability and ease of use.  To find out more about this well-designed product line, schedule an appointment today.

The Lip Scrub
The Lip Slip: One Luxe Balm
The Lip Slip: One Luxe Gloss Tube