Soft Tissue Fillers

Not many of us think of our jaw as a problem area.  As we age, the volume in our lower chin begins to deplete and as this occurs, the jaw line softens and can become jowly. Using tissue fillers to revolumize the jaw will not only volumize the jaw itself, but will have positive effects on the surrounding structures like the corners of the mouth. There are several different tissue fillers that can be used in the cheeks for augmentation including hyaluronic acid fillers. The cheeks are often treated in conjunction with other areas of the lower face for facial rejuvenation.

Neurotoxin for Muscle Relaxation

The corners of the mouth can start to turn downward because some muscles in the jaw become overactive. This can sometimes lead to an angry or sad look.  The muscles can be controlled by careful placement of Neurotoxin.  The results are seen within days, and can last for months.  Come in for a consultation with Dr. Searles to see what these products can do for you.

 Before Marionette line fillers

After Marionette line fillers

Before Neurotoxin

After Neurotoxin

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