Cheek Augmentation

Not many of us think of our cheeks as a problem area. However, because the cheeks comprise a large portion of our facial volume, it can affect many areas. As we age, the volume in our cheeks begins to deplete and as this occurs, the nasolabial folds are deepened, the jaw line softens and can become jowly, and the apple of the cheeks look deflated. Using tissue fillers to revolumize the cheeks will not only volumize the cheeks themselves, but will have positive effects on the surrounding structures like the nasolabial folds and the jaw. There are several different tissue fillers that can be used in the cheeks for augmentation. The cheeks are often treated in conjunction with other areas of the lower face for facial rejuvenation.


Before Tissue Filler to Cheeks

After Tissue Filler to Cheeks


Our cheeks will often show signs of sun damage. Pigmentation such as brown spots (lentigos), redness, or broken blood vessels (telangiectasias) are commonly found on the skin of our cheeks and are a bother to many people. Treating this extra pigmentation can create a clearer complexion and decrease the need to wear makeup. Both men and women will benefit from treatments that address pigmentation, redness, or vessels. Some of the treatments are done with little to no downtime (IPL), while others may give stronger results in fewer treatments, but will require some downtime (Cutera Pearl). Come in for a consultation to see which treatments are right for you and your skin.

Before IPL to Cheeks

After IPL to Cheeks


Acne is a problem that not only affects teenagers. Adult acne is a problem that is common and can be quite bothersome. Not only is acne a problem, but the scarring that can result from those that suffered acne in their younger years can affect skin texture many years after the acne has resolved. Whether you need to treat acne now, or you would like to try to treat the scars that past acne has left behind, we can suggest treatments for both issues.

The treatments we offer to treat Acne are:

  • IPL Cutera LimeLight
  • Laser Genesis
  • Cutera Pearl
  • eMatrix Sublative Rejuvenation
  • CO2 Ablative (small holes) Fractional Laser Resurfacing
  • Nonablative (no holes) Fractional Laser Resurfacing
  • Unique Skin Care Regime using our Skin Care Products

Before Cutera Limelight IPL to Cheeks for Acne

After Cutera Limelight IPL to Cheeks for Acne

Before Laser Genesis to Cheeks for Acne

After Laser Genesis to Cheeks for Acne

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