Our arms will often show signs of sun damage. Pigmentation such as brown spots (lentigos), redness, or broken blood vessels (telangiectasias) are commonly found on the skin of our arms and are a bother to many people.  Both men and women will benefit from treatments that address pigmentation, redness, or vessels. Some of the treatments are done with little to no downtime (IPL), while others may give stronger results in fewer treatments, but will require some downtime (Chemical Peels). Come in for a consultation to see which treatments are right for you and your skin.


For some people, a simple bump on the arm can lead to a large bruise.  Like an elastic band that sits on a window sill for too long, the sun’s rays can break down the collagen and elastic tissue that act like shock absorbers for the small blood vessels in the skin.  However, with the use of sunscreens and topical Vitamin A creams, it is possible to reverse some of this damage, and reduce the formation of new bruises.  Dr. Searles and his team can assess your situation and make recommendations on improving the appearance of the arms.


Wearing short-sleeved shirts and blouses can lead to an accumulation of sun damage with time.  This leads to the formation of rough, pink scaly patches on the arm, which can be the first sign of sun damage.  Left long enough, some of these patches can progress to skin cancer.  Dr. Searles can examine the skin to identify these patches of sun damage, and recommend the best treatment for you.  This may include liquid nitrogen sprays, special creams that target and destroy damaged skin cells, or photodynamic therapy in special cases. 

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