Chest (Decolletage)

Skin rejuvenation  for the decolletage area

People usually concentrate on their faces in terms of cosmetic treatments. However, it is often the skin on the décolletage (chest) that give away someone's age or can make them appear older than they really are.  When it comes to sun protection, the hands and the décolletage often get forgotten or at least, are not protected sufficiently. As a result, these two areas in particular can show signs of prematurely ageing and UV damage.   Typical complaints include dry, crepey looking skin, age spots and wrinkles. This area can be a real issue for many, especially during the summer months, or while wearing 'low cut’ dresses.

In the last couple of years there has been an upsurge in popularity of treatments to the chest as people have become increasingly aware of them and their benefits.

We offer skin rejuvenation treatments specifically for the decolletage area.  A course of 4 treatments is recommended, results are fast and long lasting.  This specially formulated regimen will reduce hyperpigmentation ( discolouration ), minimize wrinkles and fine lines, smooth the skin, brighten and tighten the skins texture, reduce the appearance of age spots, freckles and other signs of visible ageing.  Treatment courses can be repeated for more serious cases.

Many of our clients have said that they feel much younger after this treatment and no longer feel that they have to `cover up'.

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