Tips for Examining your Moles

Examining your Moles

Examining a mole is one way you can detect the form of skin cancer known as melanoma. Here are some guidelines about what to watch for, based on the American Cancer Society's recommendations.


You may need
mirrors to;

  • Look for asymmetry - that is, see whether the shape or colour of one half of the mole does not match the other.
  • Note any irregular borders, such as blurred edges.
  • Examine the mole to see whether its colour is no longer uniform.
  • Be alert to any increases in the size of your mole, especially if its diameter is greater than 6mm.
  • Check for any spread of pigment from your mole to the area of skin surrounding it.
  • Note any redness in your mole, as well as changes in the surface, such as crusting or oozing.
  • Be alert to changes in the sensation of your mole, such as pain or itchiness.
  • Contact your doctor is you notice any of the above or if you have other concerns about a mole.

Download a Useful pamphlet on how to examine your skin for moles

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