Lip augmentation & Lips Lines

Soft tissue fillers can be used to subtly enhance the volume of the lip or to smooth out unwanted lip lines.  Lip augmentation is a simple and quick procedure that provides immediate results.  As we age, the wrinkles of the upper and lower lip may cause lipstick to bleed into the lip lines, and adding some tissue filler to smooth out these areas may be helpful.  There are a variety of tissue fillers that we use in the lips.  Dr. Searles will help you to choose which tissue filler is right for you and your lips.

Lips before Dermal Filler

Lips after Dermal Filler

Skin Tightening

The upper lip is like a curtain in a theatre. As we age, the curtain becomes more lax, and vertical lines may become more apparent. Using skin tightening techniques, from the non-invasive Laser Genesis Laser system or the deeper Cutera Pearl laser resurfacing treatment, may create a smoother, younger appearance to the upper lip and the surrounding skin. Dr. Searles can help you decide which treatment suits your needs best.

Lips before Tissue Filler
and Fractionated Laser (Upper Lip)

Lips after Tissue Filler and
before Fractionated Laser (Upper Lip)

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