Soft Tissue Fillers for Drooping Earlobes

The earlobes serve as a platform for cosmetic adornment, and piercing of the ear anchors most jewelry.  However, the size of the piercing can stretch over time, and earrings may not fit properly.  The earlobe can be plumped up with a soft tissue filler, so earrings can fit better.  Come in for a consultation to see what Perlane or Radiesse can do for you.

Before soft tissue filler

After soft tissue filler


Accidental pulling of an earring can tear the earlobe, leaving a large piercing, or a split earlobe.  The earlobe can be repaired by attaching the parts to recreate the shape of the earlobe and re-establish the location of the piercing.  

Laser Hair Reduction

Like for other body areas, laser hair reduction for the ears depends on factors like skin colour, hair colour, hair density, and hair thickness. Dr. Searles will evaluate these factors to choose the most suitable laser system for you. Our extensive experience in laser hair reduction allows us to choose the most suitable light source or laser. Laser hair reduction on the ears is relatively permanent, quick, and maintenance free after about 5 sessions.

                                                            Before and After Hair Reduction

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