Over the years, our frontal muscles on the forehead start to leave creases across the forehead.  This can sometimes lead to a worried look.  The muscles can be controlled by careful placement of an injectable protein complex now known as Neurotoxin Wrinkle Relaxer .  The results are seen within days, and can last for months.  Come in for a consultation with Dr. Searles to see what these products can do for you.

Before Neurotoxin to Forehead

After Neurotoxin to Forehead


The forehead can show damage from either the effects of acne as a teenager, or by injuries.  The smooth surface can easily show the scars, which cannot be easily hidden by makeup.  Treating this area can smooth out the forehead surface and create a clearer appearance.  Some of the treatments have little or no downtime (Soft tissue fillers Cutera Laser Genesis, or IPL), while others are more deeply applied, which will require some downtime (Cutera Pearl).  Dr. Searles will be able to advise you on what the best treatment would be for your particular problem.

Before Pearl to Forehead

After Pearl to Forehead

Before Dermal Filler to Forehead

After Dermal Filler to Forehead


Our forehead will often show signs of sun damage. Pigmentation such as brown spots (lentigos), redness, or broken blood vessels (telangiectasias) are commonly found on the skin of our forehead and are a bother to many people. Treating this extra pigmentation can create a clearer complexion and decrease the need to wear makeup. Both men and women will benefit from treatments that address pigmentation, redness, or vessels. Some of the treatments are done with little to no downtime (IPL), while others may give stronger results in fewer treatments, but will require some downtime (Cutera Pearl). Come in for a consultation to see which treatments are right for you and your skin.

Before IPL to Forehead

After IPL to Forehead

Before IPL to Cheeks

After IPL to Cheeks

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