Neurotoxin Injections for Therapeutic Indications

About Neurotoxin for Therapeutic Indications

Neurotoxin can be used in the treatment of pain.  Pain due to migraine, tension headaches, post-herpetic neuralgia, and also back and limb pain can be treated with Neurotoxin.  The amounts of Neurotoxin used to treat the pain are far less in most instances then it would be to treat muscle spasm and pain from more serious medical conditions such as cervical dystonias. 

Neurotoxin Therapeutic treatment

When injecting Neurotoxin for migraines, the treatment is done symmetrically in the facial area and using the technique of “following the pain” in the non-facial areas.  For example, the suboccipital musculature (muscles at the back of the neck), the trapezius’, the rhomboids, and also the internal pterygoids inside the mouth can be injected with Neurotoxin to relieve tension which may trigger or contribute to migraine episodes. 

Dr. Searles treats migraines and tension headaches, and muscles soreness or stiffness with 
Neurotoxin in his practice.

Other uses for 
Neurotoxin Therapeutic in the medical community are: benign essential blepharospasm, cervical dystonia, limb spasticity, anal fissures, over-active bladder and club foot.