Alyria Product overview

Canderm Pharma Inc was Canada‚Äôs leading independent skin care company. Their goal was to offer consumers the best skin care technology the world has to offer. For 45 years, they had built a reputation as skin care experts through their prestige skin care products, developed themself or discovered around the world.  Canderm Pharma Inc was recently acquired by Sanofi Aventis Inc.

Since its inception, Canderm has been committed to putting sound science into skin care, which is why they have developed such a close relationship with skin care physicians.

As part of our continuing commitment to advances in dermatology, we regularly attend and sponsor regional, national and international medical forums. We do this because we know that breakthroughs do not happen overnight, and we are committed to our customers having the best science available.

Your skin is an organ, not an accessory. This is why you need a skin care regimen that cares for the health of your skin: a beautiful appearance will follow naturally.

The secrets to healthy and beautiful skin are scattered around the world. At Canderm, we have scoured the four corners of the globe to find the most advanced skin care technologies.

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